Bratton Clovelly Parish council has numerous policies. These will be uploaded here in due course. Please check back from time to time for more availability. 

Bratton Clovelly Code of Members Conduct

This policy describes the rules governing members code of conduct. It was adopted by Bratton Clovelly Parish Council in Oct 2014. it was reviewed in 2021 and in 2023

Financial Regulations

Updated and adopted in April 2021 and reviewed in May 2023

Standing Orders

The rules of the council, adopted in April 2021 and reviewed in May 2023

Internal control

This policy describes how the council monitors and safeguards its finances. It was reviewed in May 2023

Protocol for recording meetings

Meetings may be recorder by members of the public. this protocol gives guidance Adopted May 2023

Civility and Respect - council/officer protocol

This document is used by councils across the country to try to promote a civil and respectful working environment for councillors and staff. Adopted 2023

Grants Policy

Bratton Clovelly Parish Council has a commitment to encourage, support and promote volunteer organisations and charities that support Bratton Clovelly parish for the benefit of the community. The Parish Council makes an annual budget provision for Community Grants to help meet its aims. Adopted March 2024

Complaints policy and procedure

how and when to complain about the council Reviewed May 2023